Graphic designer based in Busan, Ulsan and Seoul. South Korea.

Poster design, Brand identity design, Package design, Album cover design, Typeface design, Editorial design, etc. based on graphic design.

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  • Korean Society of Typography Exhibition14 : Contactless_(Typojanchi pre-Biennale 20-21), Korea, 2020
  • Monthly Design Vol.503, Korea, 2020
  • Weltformat Korea2, Seoul, Korea, 2018
  • Typojanchi : Mohm, The 5th International Typography Biennale, <100daughters10mothers>, Seoul, Korea, 2017
  • Korean Society of Typography Exhibition12:Typography, Seoul, Korea, 2017
  • Yippee, Ulsan, Korea, 2018 -2nd workshop Unpredictable Situation, Seoul, Korea, 2017


Client: NameParade
Field: Poster
Year: 2020
Size: 297x420(mm) 

- Online Exhibition
2020.10.10 - 2021.01.10

태몽과 이름의 뜻, 현재의 나
이름행진@nameparade 2020은 본인의 이름에 얽힌 의미와 이야기를,
디자이너로서 표현하고 행진하는 포스터제입니다.
이름행진의 온라인 전시는 10월 10일 6시에 공개됩니다!
2020.10.10 - 2021.01.10
이번 행진은 194명의 디자이너와 동행합니다!
이름행진 전시기획 : 노혜림 (@ardoryouth)