Graphic designer based in Busan, Ulsan and Seoul. South Korea.

Poster design, Brand identity design, Package design, Album cover design, Typeface design, Editorial design, etc. based on graphic design.

Please feel free to E-mail me for more information or collaborations and visit my instagram for more

  • Korean Society of Typography Exhibition14 : Contactless_(Typojanchi pre-Biennale 20-21), Korea, 2020
  • Monthly Design Vol.503, Korea, 2020
  • Weltformat Korea2, Seoul, Korea, 2018
  • Typojanchi : Mohm, The 5th International Typography Biennale, <100daughters10mothers>, Seoul, Korea, 2017
  • Korean Society of Typography Exhibition12:Typography, Seoul, Korea, 2017
  • Yippee, Ulsan, Korea, 2018 -2nd workshop Unpredictable Situation, Seoul, Korea, 2017


Archiving Box
Field: Graphic, Box
Year: 2020

- via. wvdesign studio

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